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There are three relationships with money. The first is you working for money (dependence). The second is money at work for you (independence). The third is money at work for others (transcendence). Our goal is to help you develop your vision, test its importance to you, identify your supporting resources, deal with obstacles which prevent you from achieving your vision, and put you in a position to implement the actions required to realize your vision.

The following is an inventory of products and services available to assist you in Securing What You Value.

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Financial Dependence:
  • Survivor income using life insurance
  • Income replacement for a disability or critical illness
  • Debt cancellation, including mortgage life insurance
  • Shareholder buy sell funding
  • Key person funding
  • Building and creating liquidity
  • Health and travel coverage
  • Retirement saving (registered and tax efficient plans)
  • TFSA
  • Education funding (including RESPs)

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Financial Independence:
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPP)
  • Retirement income planning including RRIFs, annuities, and life income benefits (variable annuities)
  • Executive compensation arrangements
  • Tax efficient income planning
  • Leveraged investing strategies
  • Charitable Gift planning
  • Business succession planning

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Financial Transcendence:
  • RRIF meltdown
  • Group retirement services
  • Group benefits coverage
  • Donor advised gift funds
  • Estate replacement life insurance
  • Intergenerational asset transfer
  • Funding Intervivos or Testamentary trusts

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